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Good News

Doesn’t seem to be a lot of good news in the media these days!  But I guess that just reminds me of the best Good News – that God loves us, that his Son Jesus died to forgive us from our sins, and that one day God will bring his children home to heaven to live forever.  This year I’ve spent living out of boxes and suitcases makes me really long for that eternal home;  I’ll finally be able to unpack and settle in some place for good!

As for our housing situation here in France, the good news is that my in-laws have a buyer for their house and the transfer of ownership is October 3rd.   With that “eviction date” so close now for us, we have set our decision deadline for September 15th, to give us a good two weeks to pack and empty out the house.

Here’s the problem:   Nearly 12 million people (20% of France’s entire population) live in the Paris Metropolis.  Because of the over-population, owners have the privilege of being very choosy when renting their apartments.  It’s really hard to explain the whole ‘culture’ of renting in Paris.   It’s taken us 4 months to just kinda figure it out.  But we really have tried everything.  We even tried getting Guillaume’s parents to rent an apartment for us, and their application was also refused.

So, that last paragraph doesn’t look like it has a lot of good news in it, does it?    But, I guess it really does.  The good news is that God knows exactly where he wants us to be, and he is completely capable of accomplishing his will.    We would love to be able to get housing here and stay in France.  We’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money on our move over here.  We’ve made friends.  Guillaume has a good job that he enjoys, with good co-workers.   But if we don’t have housing lined up by the 15th next week, we have decided we will have to return to America.

If it was just us, Guillaume and I would go live under this amazing bridge in Paris! But well, we have Lily to think of, and she can't swim yet.

So, pray for us.  We’ll be making a few more phone calls today, following up on a few last housing leads.  Pray for God to open the right doors and close the wrongs ones.  Pray that we have peace with the decision we’re led to, whatever it may be.   God is good.   And, well, that really is just the best news.